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What ho, gentle readers!

skoolmunkee at 3:51AM, March 21, 2008

I say old chums and chumettes! I dare say I have got some tid-bits of information which you mayest be interested in! Like a good gentle-lady I shall no longer continue to withhold, but will tell you forthwith!

Darlings, you mustn't forget that we've a new interview up, with the amazing and somewhat horrifying mina_lunga! We talk about vile lung parasites! You simply must read it!

Discerning readers may consider tallyho-ing over to Gudmunder's Working Stiffs- not only has he reached 50 pages, he has also assured me that his updates for the foreseeable future shall be prolific, Mon-Wed-Fri to be precise!

That rougish chap rougey has sent me a very polite letter to inform me very politely of his comic's 100th episode, that comic being Breeding Ground! A rather racy name for a comic don't you think? However that is perhaps appropriate as I consider comics to be an entertainment solely meant for the uneducated masses, ha ha!

Suibom, a name which reminds me of that wonderful and opiate-heavy time I spent in the far east amongst opium and small muscular hairless men and opium… where was I? Oh yes, it's reached 75 pages and is beginning chapter three! It is by BloodTh whom I'm sure is delightful although I've never met him!

Ninja Shizatch (I say, did I enunciate that correctly?) has reached its 100th “official” page, which I assume means that Rhykker has obtained all the necessary stamps and permits and paid all taxes and fees. One's 100th episode is no light matter, and one must support queen and country!

I received a missive in my letter-box the other day from one “Eduds” whom I can only presume has recently escaped from the local sanitorium, as in this note he has announced that not only has The Life and (Maybe) Death of Ed has stripped 150 times, and in celebration he is holding some form of… contest, wherein the person (lad or lady!) to guess all the things in the 150th episode will receive a “Small Dictionary of Brazilian Cursewords”… a contest for all PROPER gentlefolk to avoid, surely! However should depraved interested individuals desire to enter, they are instructed to answer via comment or PQ. I SAY.

And to top off this feast for the lowbrow palette, lemon_king was shoutng on the corner to all who would listen that Crappy Doodles Galore is nearly 25 pages old. Gracious, even writing the word ‘doodles’ makes me feel quite dirty, I don't like that one bit! I am off for my monthly bath!




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