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Milk chocolate drops!

skoolmunkee at 1:38AM, May 1, 2008

silvipera and floodgatemartyr have got a comic (Lil' Hero Artists) which you can buy (at DriveThruComics) or free-download (at Wowio)! You can support their work by getting a copy (and Wowio's free, why not?), because the more downloads they get the more likely their publisher is to release a print version!


I don't normally announce cameos but since it's me this time, why not! Remember a few newsposts ago I announced that Electronic Revolutions The Burnhams was reaching 100 pages? Well it's there now, and the 100th page features loads of DD cameos… including me! I'm the monkey. :)


Rudolf's comic Rudolf (it's a reindeer horror comic) has reached 25 pages!

Cricket's Creature by patrickdevine has turned 1 year old!

The Author's The Author turns 100 The Author comics old on Friday! (The Author)

For Your Eyes Only! That's Kohdok's comic, and it's turning 200 pages (and six chapters) old! (Also, its 1st birthday is the 18th!)

Dawginson tells me that Four Bats (that's two bats, doubled) has just hit #150! And for the event, there is “some pretty swish artwork”! You don't want to miss that, do you?

smkinoshita (a fun name to try and say) has a comic named Super Temps and is turning 200 pages this weekend!

So many high-numbered milestones, great job guys!



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