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Extra: Vice & Virture, Silvershot, and Safety man hit 50!

ozoneocean at 10:03PM, Oct. 7, 2008

Milestones! Ozone style… Ozonestones.
Remember Skool is away on holiday till the 24th so news goes to SpANG and Ozoneocean ;)

These milestones:

Loam's sexy Vice and Virtue has hit the big 50!

Priceman's dynamic Silvershot has also reached the 10x5! -not including the extra pages, so there's actually more ;)

Signz' funky stickman comic Safety Man has not only reached 2x25 (that's another 50 for the slower people…), but has also started on issue 2! :D

…Aaaaand, this from Walrus: Pokemon The Three Stones returned today with it's 25th page!

Plus, you can still vote for our next President of The United States over at The 2008/2009 Presidential Mock Election Remmember, you can only vote once, and for anyone you like, The Pilberry Dough Boy, your Grandma… Anyone!


Update on bugs

-PQ's should all be fixed now. Including the ability to delete them.
-As for the other:
Comics created between the 8th (or so) of September, and the 19th of September (before the server move) have a problem where they can't upload any pages at all to the comic. I'm sending these names and comics onward to Platinum because they need to identify the common element in the backend before they know what to fix.

People who have accounts newer or older than that 2-week range, but can't upload pages, are probably being affected by another recent change- a 2mb file size limit on uploads. So far, all the people I've helped that have said their comic is however old and won't take their new page, is because the page they're trying to upload is some 3mb PNG file. This is an issue with using incorrect file formats and the comic author needs to investigate saving their file as something more appropriate (depends on the image) to make it a normal size. “normal” size for a color comic page is about 500kb.



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