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ozoneocean has also quit....

SpANG at 11:49AM, Oct. 26, 2008

… Posting the NEWS so I guess I have to! :D

Elanor Pam tells us that God of Destruction has gotten to 150 pages, and there's still much more to come. Congrats!

TakeshiG lets us know that on Oct 25th Digimon Elements hit the 25th and at the same time the last page. Good Job! It always a bitter-sweet feeling to finish things up.

Kohdok says that For Your Eyes only just hit a whopping 300 pages! Wow! That's dedication. Kohdok also boasts that it has gotten HALF A MILLION pageviews, but we don't report that. Sorry! :P

Beginning November first, DD users will have one month to vote for the 2008/2009] Presidential Mock Election Remmember, you can vote for anyone! Even someone not running for prez in 09!

Also, Pokemon Sinnoh Surfer begins it's fourth volume on Monday the 27th.

… and check this out!
Brother Zag
The artist on my comic, the recently featured "Panthea Obscura", just put together a video trailer for the comic that's pretty cool. He shot it, edited it and wrote the music, and surprised me with it last night. Of course, I put it up on YouTube.
…and here it is:

Psst- Brother Zag, you should really have a link back to your comic in that YouTube description. ;)

Sure this is kind of an advertisement, but we think it's cool! If you make a video trailer on Yutube, we'll post it as well, deal? :)



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