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several bugs happening on DD since the server move (updated)

skoolmunkee at 2:00PM, Sept. 24, 2008

This is the email I've just sent to Platinum, asking them to fix:

(Unfortunately, I don't have a workaround for any of these problems. Sorry…)

1. PQ inboxes - at some point they seem to had been reset to 0, regardless of how many PQs were in them. This has led to inboxes displaying a negative number of messages if all the new PQs are read. Incoming PQs start adding back in, so the number CAN get back into the positives, but still not accurately reflecting the correct number of unread PQs, and still going into negative numbers when they've been read. Once an inbox has gone into negative numbers, several things happen:
A: Unwanted messages can no longer be deleted, regardless of the number of unread messages displayed
B: trying to send a PQ doesn't give the right confirmation screen (although they are being sent) - what appears to be the correct page loads, but there is no confirmation message of any kind.

2. Many threads in the forums marked “new” are not unmarking themselves when a user has read them. Every time they visit the forums, they're all still marked as “new”

3. A few people's avatars have disappeared, and they're not able to upload new ones. Other people have no problem with this.

4. The thumbnail upload system seems not to work at all. People get a javascript error when they try.

5. Many people cannot upload new comic pages. I thought this was restricted to png files, but some people are also not able to upload jpg (not sure about gif). Trying to load a page for a future date just puts them back on the list of pages with no new entry, trying to load the page live gets them a new index page, but a ‘broken image’ where the comic page should be. Going back and editing the page to try and re-insert the image doesn't work either. I'm not sure if an assistant on the account would be able to upload the page- no one I've asked to add me and send me the image has done it yet.

6. Several people have reported that uploading extra files is not working either.

Logging out and back in doesn't solve any of these.

There have been a few other somewhat frightening things reported (such as someone's Favorites list vanishing completely) but we want to find out more about those.

I've just sent this on to them as well (no reply from the first or second e-mail yet):

Follow up:

The comics where people aren't able to upload new pages all seem to have been created in the last few weeks. The earliest reported affected comic is ID number 31059 - not sure what date that was created on, but the first comic page there was uploaded Sept. 11. I'm not sure at which point the comics created aren't affected any more, but a safe guess would be all the comics created after the server move are fine. This would explain why ozone's test comic worked. There are probably about 50 or so affected comics in this range, but we don't have a way to list comics by ID or by creation date so that number is a guess based on the IDs of reported comics.


Tutorials are gone. All of them. If you go to the main tutorials page, they are all lised there, but clicking on any of them just takes you to a completely blank page.



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