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Gorge yourself on candy and news, you say?

skoolmunkee at 12:55PM, April 11, 2009

It's that time of year again, the time when Catholics can once again eat meat or soda or whatever they've given up, and everyone can unite under the banner of eating baby-animal-shaped chocolate. Unless they don't like chocolate, in which case, they should eat something else- and bonus if you can still shape it into some kind of baby animal (or failing that, an egg is usually possible).

Drunk Duck Mafia! Are you gonna play it? Or do I have ta persuades ya t'plays it?

Neilak20's Soapbox Hill is ending soon- there are just a few pages left and the last one will be posted on the 20th. It's a lovely comic and Neilak20 has done some great stuff- so let's hope there is a new comic in the works too?

Dot Dot Dot (by dotdotdot) has reached its 50th page!

So unfortunately I only get to report once on my new series, Top of the Heap. It's hit 25 updates, but it's also completely finished. It will be coming out in paperback this summer from Terminal Press, and that will be superdelicious.


MOrgan tells me that M.Organ Art will hit 400 pages on Sunday! He also warns that it's an adults-only comic. (That should just make you click on it even faster…)

Angry D. Monkey by Dawg just hit 5 years of internet-age a few days ago! Congrats!



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