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Saturday's news!

skoolmunkee at 2:14PM, April 18, 2009

I let you guys do all the talking this time!

Just writing to inform you that my comic, Art School Sub Rosa has reached 50 pages today, and as a special bonus page 50 is in colour

also my fanart competition for it is still running until May 31st but there are more prizes now, including copic markers :3

This took me by surprise, and I sorta let it sneak up on me, but yesterday, my comic The Uncanny Uper Dave hit the 250 page mark, Could I get a mention in the next newspost please? I would be ever so grateful, sort of ‘bake a pie’ grateful. thanks!

This week marks the 75th page for Lucky Dawg and next week is the 1 year anniversary.

Hi there!
Bacon Strips will reach fifty comics on Saturday, April 18th.

April 19th 2009 will be the one year anniversay of Go a Viking and it'd be nice if it hit 150 pages but don't hold your breath. I'd thank everyone and they're too many to list. I'd like to especially thank those who haven't read Go a Viking! as you've shown good taste.

Just to torture everyone starting April 19 and going for 11 mind-numbing days (and pages) the parody coming attraction will be posted. This may be an epic but it ain't Gone with the Wind.

We've got a comic finishing (though it had a predetermined page count anyway, haha)

Just wanted to let you know that I have finished my 10-pg mini comic Emily Sing Something Sweet that I am deeply proud of.

Brother Zag
Just got some great press, had to share because he's seeing my comic right here at drunk duck!

In This Week's “Permanent Damage” by Steven Grant:

For the last year, Mike Luoma's been online publishing his strip PANTHEA OBSCURA, and currently beginning the fourth “issue.” The premise – what the relationship is of ancient gods still walking the earth and a civilization that no longer acknowledges their existence, and currently facing the consequences of their own actions as they try to win some acknowledgement back – has gotten a bit well-trod over the past few years (Neil Gaiman has probably poisoned that well as much as anybody) but Luoma has done a pretty decent job of it nonetheless. Though the latest installment's taking on aspects of THE MIGHTY THOR, and that might not be a good direction. The art's okay, drastically improved by flashy coloring (I'm starting to wonder if too many strips aren't banking too much on computer screen luminosity for effect; then again, that's the medium…) but Luoma's writing is entertaining enough to gloss over it. This reminds me of some of the better independent comics published in the late '70s…

I like that last line: “reminds me of some of the better independent comics published in the late '70s…” Hot damn! The references to Gaiman and Thor are fun, too.



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