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What's better than news on a rainy day?

skoolmunkee at 2:54AM, Aug. 1, 2009

Karen the Marilith by Azaeziel (which I thought I put in Wednesday's newspost but seems not to have made it somehow) has reached 175! Sorry about the mix up, you have my most abject and humble apologies. Which maybe is not saying much because I'm just not an abject and humble kind of person, but you know, I did feel bad and all. Anyway, congrats!

BffSatan tells me that BffSatan has reached 100 strips!

DrunkDuck Poop by marionic (assisted by Anthony Mercer) reaches 50 strips on Sunday!

And reaching a slightly belated 75 pages is The CROSSOVERLORD, a joint comic project involving a number of familiar faces, one of them our own DDer Neilsama of Dasien. The milestone was delayed so they could add in this special announcement,

In Thursday's update of the CROSSOVERLORD we finally reveal who's been the secret ally of the Smiling Man and his crew, who let them into the Armory of Apocalyptic Objects, as the reader finally gets some answers…that will raise even MORE questions. It's been MONTHS in the making. The CROSSOVERLORD is one long story involving six long-running webcomic superheroes in an interdimensional adventure full of super-villain fights, and superhero bickering, plus guest stars and cameos galore.



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