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DD Awards- finalists announced! A new interview is up! Publishing and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 2:24AM, Aug. 5, 2009

The DD Awards are underway! The popular-vote nominations are in, and you can see the finalists here! Congrats to everyone who snagged a nom, and good luck! Special thanks to amanda and JustNoPoint who have put a lot of time and effort into running this thing… their work isn't over yet! And you can help, because it looks like the DD Awards could still use a few more panelists/judges to help determine the final winners before August 21st!

albone of Rival Angels has some publishing news:

Rival Angels, which just turned 250 pages old on Monday, is offering pre-orders for the spanking brand new Volume 1 graphic novel until Monday. By pre-ordering, you can save almost 20% off the cover price and the first 25 orders will receive a sketch to boot!

Bobby the Fetus, lovingly handcrafted by gullas, has reached page 200! He adds, “man it took a long time… but so worth it XD…” I'll say! Few of us get so far. :]

Crossoville by Llama_Comic and Custom Matt is back from hiatus and has hit 100 pages! Actually, Llama_Comic said, “Yargh! Crossoville be back after a hiatus with page 100!” Which tells me there be pirates involved!

katfeete's Sunset Grill reached its 150th comic on Monday, and is also celebrating its 1st birthday!

Another interview! This time around, it's Gillespie interviewing Hunchdebunch of The Door, Last of the Wild, and others!
4. You have a mix of drawing humans and anthropomorphic characters. Which kind do you prefer to draw? Did it take practice to do that?

One thing that’s good about the fact that I’m working on Last Of The Wilds and The Door at the same time is that I get to draw a variety of different characters, so I don’t get bored of drawing humans or anthros. I used to prefer drawing anthropomorphic characters, but more recently I like drawing both human and animal based characters. As long as I’m drawing characters that I think look good, I’m happy. I think for me the animal based characters just came very naturally to me because I love animals, but I found learning to draw people a lot harder. I had this folder of characters I’d made up where I would redraw them as they got older, and that helped me improve a lot.

Just a small note here, there are lots of other interviews up in the Interview Forum - every one of these is done by someone from the community, and it's a great way to both show interest in your other DDers and to discover some new people and comics! Even if you don't recognize the person/comic in the thread title, they're all good interviews and have something interesting. Worth a look!

Half the fun of being interviewed is getting to answer the questions… but the other half is getting replies to your interview! Sadly some of the recent interviews look a bit lonely… especially the ones with only 2-4 posts. So if you have five or ten minutes to spare, please check out an interview and leave your thoughts! It's a great way to show support!



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