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Mafia elections, note about forum sigs, and a milestone!

skoolmunkee at 1:59AM, Aug. 7, 2009

Hey all! The current Mafia game is winding down, and GM elections are starting for the next game. If you're remotely interested, you should check them out- usually different people hoping to be GM will propose different types of games/themes/rules and you can vote for the ones you'd most like to play! Mafia XIII GM Elections! (13? Unlucky!)

Also! A quick little admin announcement- the DD Award nominations are out and it is great! So many people being recognized for their work. :] We've seen a lot of those little mini-banners in people's forum signatures- this is fine! Everyone knows (RIGHT???!!) that total sig images are restricted to something in the area of 480x60 or 250x100, but for August we're NOT counting the Awards banners in that limit. So go ahead and use your regular sig images plus your mini-banner(s) if you like and show off your nomintion! Just be reasonable- if you've got a bunch of noms, awesome for you, but maybe you should not stack them all full size in your sig. :]

(After winners are announced in Sept. and you want to keep something in your sig, it will have to fit the normal size area.)

We also have one milestone today…

kitsunesan's Will and Tokyo has reached the 250 page mark!

OK! See you Monday!



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