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Well okay, two more interviews then!

skoolmunkee at 10:59AM, Dec. 7, 2009

Oh heck why not? I'll post up these other two interviews too!

Pieguy259 interviews legomegacy of My Sister the Demon and others!

What first inspired you to create it? Where did it come from?'s tricky and funny. I mentioned before I was a photographer. I do themed photo shoots (fairies,demons,vampires, ect) I was doing one on Jack the Ripper and it took about three months to finish it. The shoot was dark with a lot of blood and death. I needed a break, so I started to play with my Poser program with all of its bright colors after being stuck in the dinge of the 1800's.
I loved manga so I started randomly creating bright characters in poser.
I had belonged at that time to renderosity (online art gallery) and posted one such image featuring three sisters. Dark Pascal who is now on the duck made a comment on renderosity saying “are you planning a series perhaps?” In my mind I said…why not.
You can see all of my work at

legomegacy interviews Pieguy259 of Stickman and Cube!
14. What do you get out of doing this comic?

Given that nobody actually buys my merchandise, I'm forced to default to “the knowledge that I'm making people happy”. I suppose the fame and adulation doesn't hurt, either.
And, of course, the hidden subliminal signals that I plant in every last comic. As my fame grows, so do my unwitting puppets, until my conditioning eventually overwhelms their minds. THEY SHALL BE MY ZOMBIE ARMY, AND THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE WORLD WILL TREMBLE AT MY COMMAND!

But, y'know, that's really a long-term goal.

That's four new interviews today- a lot for one week, I know, but you guys can keep up! I believe in you! Also you are a zombie army and uh…. Pieguy259 commands you to read them!



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