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We Wish You A Very Large Newspost

skoolmunkee at 7:56AM, Dec. 11, 2009

I think I'm going to have to start doing these on Wednesday afternoon, because by Thursday there are just too many! Sorry today's is late, I just didn't have the time to tackle it. We're still friends, right?

Gillespie's Bacon Strips hit 275 on Tuesday, December 8th! Lately I've been hearing about candied bacon- any good I wonder? Candied meat products?

Also on Tuesday, Despotize by ShinuZero celebrated its 100th page! He adds, “Page 100 is the last page of chapter 6 and marks the come back from a short break.”

on Thursday, Last Call by lastcall hit 150 pages!

Also on Thursday, usedbooks's Used Books reached 775 pages long! I'm sure I've read some 775 page books and I'm sure I liked them too!

Harkovast has just hit a steady 100 pages! I remember when harkovast first came do DD, and now he has loads of pages!

Two Weeks Notice, a comic about what would happen if retail really was a warzone, turned a year old two weeks ago!

Last Of The Wilds by Hunchdebunch has reached 75 pages!

The Bend gets its 300th page on Thursday, and I also escape the confines of this computer lab! Yay! (sugar. -twitch-)

Dot Dot Dot… by dotdotdot has hit the 150 page mark! Congrats!

As of today, Bad Guy High by theRedDeath reaches 425 pages! That's right, he's back on his game and there are new pages!

ZeroGee's Planet Chaser reaches 100 pages today!

Stickman and Cube is about to hit 300 pages. I'll officially have more pages than… people… witty reference… lower than 300.

did you forget there are FOUR new interviews this week? I BET YOU DID. You should read them. And then leave a reply! Because replies to interviews are like comments on comics, and people love to read them and an interview without many replies is sad. :[ It is Christmas! Where is your generous replying spirit??? Nag nag nag!

Pieguy259 interviews legomegacy of My Sister the Demon and others!

legomegacy interviews Pieguy259 of Stickman and Cube!

nako interviews ERasER, of Mystery of the Golden Edge!

elektro interviews BlkKnight of Crossing Death!

There are 2 more guaranteed next week too!
Here are some from a few weeks ago which are very interesting too- seriously! Check them out!
Evil_Hare interviews Chernobog of Arachnid Goddess!
repoman interviews theends of The Ends!
theends interviews repoman of Endstone!
ERasER interviews Nako of Kintori, Cat in the Comp, and Half-Half!



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