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FEATURE Thursday! -The Hub-

ozoneocean at 10:59PM, Feb. 11, 2009


The Hub.
There's this poor guy, he's just out to have some fun, you know? Maybe meet a nice chick, go back to her place and have some more fun… But it doesn't work out that way. Instead he ends up drinking all night and wakes up in a strange place. like you do.
Except this is REALLY the wrong place. Maybe even the wrong universe!
He ends up at the hub. And meets some great people. :)

Beautifully, painstakingly detailed! Hyena Hell's work is reminiscent of the master etchers and draughtsmen of the 18th and 19th century. The story is a trip: Through Alice's looking glass into a place that's strange, and yet strangely familiar.

Read The Hub! Rated M.



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