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Lots of news today! Interviews, Mafia, publicity, and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 1:08AM, Feb. 12, 2009

Today's QWtD interview: Mutation interviews kaleygeminni, of Geminni! Get reading!

And in a complete coincidence, kaleygeminni's Geminni reached 100 pages yesterday!

The most recent few interviews have not gotten any replies yet which makes me very sad- if you are reading them, I'm sure that a simple ‘nice interview’ or similar reply would be appreciated! Just to remind you, we've got PIT_FACE interviews Mutation and Kohdok interviews dragonsong12

Another game of Mafia is going to run! This time Humorman would like to take the wheel, and the rules are a bit different to keep things interesting- it's a little more complicated than the simple, basic game BK put together, but come on- you guys are smart people, two or three complications aren't going to make the game incomprehensible!

I wasn't sure about Mafia when I joined the first game, but it was incredible fun (and can be time consuming if you let it). I was really surprised how interesting it was. So give it a shot!

Go here for the proposed rules and signups!

This Friday, houseofmuses is in a live podcast hosted by argonsassistant!

Title: EPISODE 2 (The Villains Corner) web comic chat
Time: 02/13/2009 10:00 PM EST

Episode Starts In:
4 d 6 h 47 m 57 s (clearly this is no longer accurate-sm)

Category: Arts & Entertainment
Description: Web Comic chat,Interviews with creators,and the discussion of the creative process involved in making and distributing web comics!

Speaking of Mafia, Niccea's The Drunk Duck Mafia has reached 25 pages! It's a comic chronicling the first-ever game of Mafia on Drunk Duck… and it was fun too, just like the comic!

Endless Winter by rainingbells is now at 75 pages!

bittenbymonk's The Dashing Rogue reached 25, 50, 75, and 100 this week! I'm not really sure how that works…. He says, “It's basically a ‘choose your own adventure’ comic that depends entirely on the suggestions of the people who read and comment in order to progress!” Sounds like a good reason to comment!

Xolta (described by arteestx as “seriously, adults-only”) reached 250 pages last week! He asked if I could “squeeze” it into the news and I can't help wondering whether there was some kind of innuendo there or not…

Far Out There (a Sci Fi Comedy boasting literally DOZENS of readers) has a very big weekend coming up. This Friday marks the arrival of page 125, which is a pretty big deal all by itself. An even BIGGER deal, however, is that Saturday is FAR OUT THERE'S 1ST BIRTHDAY!!! So drop back in Saturday for a special birthday page to thank all of Drunk Duck for a great first year!



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