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Interview and milestones! Then, nap-time!

skoolmunkee at 8:12AM, Feb. 18, 2009

I submit for your enjoyment, DarkChibiShadow interviews kali and confusedsoul (of Angels of Shadows, Book of Desolation, and others)! Huge thanks to those who have been reading and commenting on these, I am sure the people who have done these are glad to know they're enjoyable!

Lots of milestones today!

MetalLuigi's Bob the Alien has reached 50 comic strips (“after a little over a year and a half”)! Congrats! That is 50 more comics than a lot of other people do!

Today, Morbid Chronicles by lttermat reaches 25 pages!

Also reaching 25 pages is The Fighting Stranger!

Shade's FF4 REAdvance has just reached 50 comics as of Tuesday! Shade adds, “about damn time.”

Froobius has a few milestones himself! Owlman Goes to Mars, FROLIC and GREEN ALGAE have all hit 25 pages!

theninjap's featuring Talking Guinea Pigs reached 75 pages today!

Conventional Wisdom, a comic about the crazy stuff that goes on at anime conventions, doesn't update very often (because I can only afford to go to cons every couple of months) When it does, though, it's a doozy, and today's 16 page update just pushed Conventional Wisdom past 50 pages!

warefish's Red Point h as reached 50 pages too! Warefish has this to add:
*punches the air and does a little dance*

Okay! I think I've earned a nap!



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