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Your regular Saturday milestone roundup!

skoolmunkee at 3:34AM, Feb. 21, 2009

I guess it's just a milestone time of year, eh? Because once again, there's quite a few of them!

Slimies by Gohlico has reached 25 pages!

also reaching 25 pages is Hakoshen's Two Weeks Notice! (P.S. Hakoshen was the assassin!)

Vivid Imagery by makosuite has reached 50 pages in less than 2 weeks? How did they ever manage that…?

DMH's Living With Insanity has also hit 50 pages! DMH adds, “if anyone wants to come check it out, they should now before the archive gets too massive”

I think Sketch Sanchez would argue that his archive is not too massive to prevent checking-out: RIOT and Fade-out will reach 75 pages on Sunday!

Bobby the Fetus by gullas has reached 100 pages! “If it wasn't for like minded people, who find the mspaint figure funny, then it would have never reached this far :P thank you to all my loyal readers” I'm sure you are thanking them just by continuing to make comics!

Also reaching an admirable 100 we have WWE the Comic by Walrus!

Oops- another one from Walrus- Pokemon The Three Stones reached 225 a few days ago! (I'm also sure that Walrus would say 225 pages is not too many to start reading)



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