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Saturday news fix!

skoolmunkee at 6:40AM, Feb. 28, 2009

Today we've got an extra (special) interview done by some users – remember that interviews outside the Quack with the Ducks project are welcome!

So, today we've got Eddie Jensen interviewing the young and talented literacysuks1 of Acrobat! (It was recently featured, in case you missed it!)

Don't forget there are over 15 new interviews in the Interview Forum that have been posted in the last 3 weeks- and there are more to come! They're a fascinating contribution to the forums and the community, so please give them a look!

Niccea's Drunk Duck Mafia Comic, which chronicles the exciting twists and turns of DD's newest and funnest (note: not a real word) forum game, will reach 50 pages on Sunday! Well done Niccea, most people enjoy playing the game and you take it several steps further to make a comic about our inanity. :] She also appreciates colorists, and other people can also contribute pages!

I'm a day late on this one, but Xade's Insanity of Xade has reached 100 comics- “which includes the four (out of 5) history comics, the 3 interludes, but no holiday/funny fillers that I left in the comic.” Xade held out for the fuller milestone!

Powerjeff by json has also reached 100 pages! He remembered to tell me this time, so it is announced on time! :] (Actually I think I am announcing this a little late and he's over 100 pages now… sorry!)



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