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contest and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 11:16AM, Jan. 5, 2009

As it's the new year and all, now might be a pretty good time to embark on some new adventures…. adventures in Networking and Community Projects! There's always some kind of community project going on there, and it usually doesn't take much to get involved. Give it a shot!

Crossing Death by BlkKnight is having a contest! Starting today and running through the 26th, the challenge is to write a myth fitting in the comic's world to describe the origins of a mysterious region… sounds fun! More information is here!

On Tuesday, The Uncanny Uper Dave by Bittenbymonk reaches its first anniversary!

Reaching 25 pages is ContessaLeandra's Rephaim!

Seat of Wrath by domja has also reached 25 pages!

omegasonic0's The Mighty Omega reached 100 comics on New Year's Eve! (And also accomplished omegasonic0's goal to reach 100 pages by the end of 2008- just in time!)



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