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the many milestones of monday

skoolmunkee at 4:40AM, Jan. 12, 2009

There's a lot of news today! In reverse order of my inbox:

It seems that DD user CrazyGazelle (creator of Soprano Man) has died over the weekend. Although the comic hasn't updated in a while she may still have connections here and her friends thought we should know. My condolences to anyone who knew her.

BlkKnight's Crossing Death has reached 150 pages!

WWE The Comic by Walrus has turned 75!

Hi. I'm Redsaid, the artist, creator, and most-of-the-time writer of Daidal Tapestry, the way-too-epic sword-and-sorcery comic. With elves. Anyway, I'm proud to announce that as of Saturday, January 10 we now have 50 real pages (that is, not a bonus, filler, cover, or edited page) of story. I'm getting back on track with the weekly updates, and when I've had a stellar time of it, sometimes more. So, I'd be elated if you'd let folks know the project's not only still alive but has hit that first major milestone.

maritalbliss tells me that "Marital Bliss??? by Mike and Lynn Allen recently hit the 100 comic mark, YAY! Check it out (if you're married, you have NO excuse not to.)"

Dead Men Tell No Tales by Aero Gorath has reached 25 pages! Congrats!

Elanor Pam's Sinful turned 75 pages old on Sunday!

Tomorrow, The Dreamer by comic_chic reaches 150 pages!

Ialus by MagickLorelai has reached 75 pages!

Ittermat has just found out that milestones are announced so she has a few! Shifters Paradise, El Melocotenero and Firelight Whispers are all just past 25 pages. She has 2 other comics on DD as well and they're all being updated, so there will be more milestones soon!



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