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More milestones, and a contest too!

skoolmunkee at 2:09AM, Jan. 15, 2009

Man, we've had a load of milestones so far this year! I better start doing newsposts more often… Keep up all the good work guys! With all this comic-making fervor, even I might manage to get a couple pages out…

kohdok is having a create-a-cover contest for For Your Eyes Only - and there are actual physical prizes to be won! (No ephemeral ghost prizes here!) The prizes are things like DVDs and soundtracks… well worth one's time!


Heroes Unite, the superhero community comic run by Abt_Nihil and Nepath, reached 125 pages on Wednesday! Has any other community project had so many pages…?

Sameth has two milestones! On Friday, Dragon City is hitting 400 and there is a special comic for the occasion… and then on Monday, Jix turns 250! Congrats on both your big numbers!

Davekrill reached his 75th Adventures of Toast and Pie page on the 12th!

Bobby the Fetus by gullas has reached 50 pages!

korosu's lovely Faust has just celebrated its 100th page!

Also reaching 100 is Chernobog's Arachnid Goddess!

argonsassistant tells me that The Villain Next Door has reached 150 pages of evil supervillain goodness! Everyone go read it or else Dr Argon will punish argonassistant.

Will and Tokyo by kitsunesan is both 200 pages and 3 years old this week!



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