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Oh no the Mafia! (And milestones)

skoolmunkee at 9:11AM, Jan. 19, 2009

Hey guys! Do you like the the Mafia? Who doesn't? Black Kitty would like to get a game of Mafia running on the DD forums (and I want to play it but we need more people) so if you are interested you should sign up!

Today, I Think My Polar Bear Whistles by Lemniskate has turned 50 pages old!

Because of Ivanwill reach a staggering (for me) 100 pages on Jan. 23. I'm still a little surprised that I've stuck with it this long, yet now I can also clearly see myself not giving it up any time soon, either. So maybe in another few months I'll be alerting you to 200 pages of misery? sweet. :D

The Chronicles of Wyrden by Doctor Shadow & Co. has reached 1 year of age (and nearly 125 pages)!



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