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All the cool countries have national holidays this week!

skoolmunkee at 12:12AM, July 2, 2009

lefarce, who is not getting his dates wrong, announces that his popular comic LeFarce will be ending completely and totally on Saturday, July 4th. lefarce is a creative guy and let's hope he's got something else up his sleeve!

Jemelis also has a comic-ending announcement, but has another comic going already!

Tomb of the King 1 is finished with 200+ pages in full colour.

And Tomb of the King 2 has started with a brand new sequel. Start date was June 15th.

Thanxs so much and it's been great here at the Duck!

harkovast has news! Harkovast has just hit 75 pages, and the husband-wife team say, “We want to say a huge thankyou to all Harkovast fans for their continued suppport! You guys are awesome! Medals all round!” Let's hope they are the kind of medal you get for being awesome and not the kind you get for being grievously wounded. :]

Daqueran, which I'm sure I've made a joke about before regarding its similarity in name to a refreshing lime drink, has reached its 50 page milestone! Also, it's by gurukitty!

Reaching 25 pages today is Adventures of Travyan by HiNaTa_fan_13! “Currently, we're looking at the lovely orc-lass about ten year after her love leaves her. Now, with the return of someone thought lost, we begin the real story. Vampires! (And, yes, I'm a girl.)” She added that because last time I made a newspost for her I wasn't sure. BUT NOW THE WHOLE INTERNET KNOWS!!

Reinderdijkhuis tells me that The rogues of Clwyd-Rhan has posted its 700th comic! “That puts us about midway through the whole archive, with the remainder of the Corby Tribe storyline plus the ones that will follow also adding up to 700.”

Rounding up our milestones this time, Bacon Strips by Gillespie hits 125 “delicious” comics on Saturday. Gillespie wonders, should he make something extra-extra special for that day? I say- only if it involves bacon.

And in a special announcement, because subcultured is a mod and he gets special treatment for all his hard work in lieu of any kind of payment or thanks, Dreams in Synergy is back from a long hiatus, kicking ass and taking names. And then possibly signing those names up to annoying junk mailers, or telling their moms.

Hm, maybe I should do a mods'-comics-shout-out this weekend?



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