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Here is some news, also I am resigning as governor of a state

skoolmunkee at 4:20AM, July 4, 2009

I think I can argue that I made a better governor than some :smug:

Brood Knight is now on sale:

Uncle Dumok's CLEAN comic Alter-Verse just hit 25 pages… that's right folks I am actually doing a CLEAN webcomic!

Animania by Poonipoonz has hit the 400 comic mark! He states that “this summer, Animania is going to be updated daily, and is close to reaching it's conclusion!” Sounds like it's time to get on board the Animania train?!

Today, I Fell Down the Stairs (by ifelldownthestairs) is 500 strips old! He would like to point out that “500 strips” refers to the comic of course, and is not a weird third-person self-reference thing. The internet may never know how much stripping ifelldownthestairs has done.



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