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How can you have any news if you don't eat your meat?

skoolmunkee at 3:51AM, July 6, 2009

Elanor Pam's Sinful (you know, the one we featured!) turned 100 pages old on Sunday!

theRedDeath's Bad Guy High has reached 400 “official” pages! The comic is about a high school where kids learn to be supervillains…. honestly though I think regular high school is pretty good at that already?

Stickman and Cube has ascended to the ranks of the comics whose pages are greater than or equal to 250. Oh yes, and I promised a big climactic storyline, didn't I…?

And for any DDers in India (or Hyrule):
Pam Harrison's House of the Muses series is now at 247, nearing the 250 page landmark as the storyline in House of the Muses #4 draws to a dramatic close. Be sure to check out the new recurring character appearing in HotM 4, named in Pam's January 2009 “Name That Character” contest. The Winner was Skullbie, of the webcomic series Plastic!

Pam was also recently surprised to find this news on Google:


Buy House Of The Muses #1 in India. Price:Rs.533 Discount:21%, Free Shipping on House Of The Muses #1. Book Review of House Of The Muses #1 by Pamela Harrison

Now only 533 Rupees!!! So if you still have not had a chance to buy all the books in the series (#4 will be on sale soon), collect all your Rupees and buy now!! XD
Also available at Barnes and and worldwide in dollars, pounds and Euros.

If you're a House of the Muses fan, keep up with all Pam's latest news, interviews and updates at!



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