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Do you fancy eating the brains of others? If so...

skoolmunkee at 2:56AM, July 11, 2009

Drunk Duck Mafia signups are ON! This fun forum game is in its 11th round, and as you may have noticed, the games have been picking up some variety on themes and rules. This time around, it's all about MONSTERS - as GM Product Placement describes it, “We're talking about ‘Drunk Duck Mafia: Monster mash’ where we have vampires pitting against werewolves and zombies, with the poor townies caught in the middle of it. This game will feature new, never before tested rules and allot of carnage.” Even more carnage than usual, I'm guessing! They need at least 20 people to start (and have almost that many already), but would like to go for 30-

So- if cops n' mobsters isn't really your thing, but vampires and zombies are - Sign up in this thread!

And we mustn't forget milestones! Congrats to these folks:

Lego Space by KDog has reached 200 pages! It is mega sized!

Reaching 250 pages is Peipei's DeadFingers! She says, “Yup”



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