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jgib99 interviews Harkovast (a good read!) and more milestones

skoolmunkee at 5:03AM, July 13, 2009

We have a new interview! This time around, jgib99 interviews the always-interesting harkovast… and here is an excerpt, before you read the whole interview! (Don't forget there are other interviews in the interview forum too!)

7)I noticed that you’re quite active in the forums (DD’s and The Harkovast Forum). How important is it to you to connect with readers through the forums?

I am really glad you asked this question, because the Harkovast forum is a really important part of the comic.
When I first made it I just wanted to be able to post maps and background info, I never imagined people would visit it very much, but the forum has been a huge success and lots have people have posted questions, comments or just come and read some extra background. The level of interest in the world of Harkovast and the rules that govern it has really blown me away.
I’ve had a lot of feed back from people commenting that they love all the extra information that is out there and the extra depth is gives the comic.

We have milestones today too! Never forget the milestones! :D

Monkey Boogie by confusedsoul reaches 50 pages today! “God help us all.”

bobbymono says that "After a long struggle my not-crappy comic Bobby Mono's Crappy Comics is 100 wooohah!" Bobby, if it's not crappy, why didn't you name it Non-Crappy Comics?

Kilre's Beautiful Skies has reached 350 pages as of yesterday!



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