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THURSDAY'S FEATURE --> Times like this

Ozoneocean at 4:09AM, June 4, 2009


Time travel isn't just for Dr Who you know… A lot of other people have fun with it too. Among them is Cassie Wells, a sassy young (or old, it's a time travel thing…) woman who leads the life of a temporal tourist, hopping from period to period for the fun of it and the experience. She's not just in it for fun though, this woman has brains too! Cassie and gang get into some funny scrapes.

But who better to tell about the comic than the artist himself, Thomas Overback! Read his FAQ here for an intro:

And his cast page here to learn about the characters:

Or, even better, Just jump right into this hilarious story! This is a very humorous comic! Read Times like this! Rated M



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