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Has there been a lot of news this week or what? (No deaths in this newspost)

skoolmunkee at 1:17AM, June 29, 2009

It's been awhile, but I wanted to drop a line and let you know that “Top of the Heap,” which debuted on the Duck last November, is now a printed book available from my publisher, Terminal Press.

The story follows a group of circus animals stranded in the desert after their circus train crashes – sort of “Lord of the Flies” meets “Barnum & Bailey” in a format halfway between graphic novel and picture book.

The link to the online store is here:, and that page will also link you back to preview pages I've left up on DD.

ParkerFarker's Out There turns 25 on June 30! He adds that “the plot will thicken in the near future!”

Minor correction, Retake by MrHades and SympleSimon turns 125 THIS Monday, not last Monday. :]

ttyler has a double announcement! Blood Reign has reached 25 pages, and Engine is about to reach 150!

Today The Bend got to 225 pages and has been sneaking its way into the top 100 like… like a very, very sneaky thing.

(88º degrees in Muncie, IN. Its too hot for simile.)
88 degrees isn't that hot, you big baby. >:[

HiNaTa_fan_13 announces that Hall of Randomness hit 150 pages on Saturday! She (I think you are a she, sorry!) also announces that she's returning to normal schedules for all her comics, and that Friday was Darkshadowchibi's b-day and happy b-day!

Blade of Toshubi by Toshubi has reached 250 pages and counting! “I never thought I'd make it this far!” Believe in yourself, Toshubi! >:O

On Friday, machinehead's Cowtoon reached 25 pages! He's also started a new comic, Living Large!

HUSS by hillbillywereworf has surpasssed 325 pages! He has a very gross homepage image, ewwww. >:[

And lastly, *I* have some news! I feel like replaying Majora's Mask! That is all.



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