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New interview, 2 contests, and lots of milestones this Monday!

skoolmunkee at 12:52AM, March 9, 2009

OK all- on Saturday we had the last of the interviews from Round 5. We've had 30 of these interviews come in this year, pretty amazing don't you think? And there's even more coming- Round 6 is underway and we have new ones next week! Maybe I sound like a broken record here, but I really hope people are checking these out. They're a great thing for the DD community to be doing, and they're interesting and insightful (and usually funny as well)! So, there's a whole bunch of them already in the Interview Forum (and two of the older stickied ones don't have any replies yet, that makes me sad), but more specifically, today's interview is:

Round 6: Hakoshen interviews kitty17 of Unsound of Mind and others!!

houseofthemuses is running a “name the character” contest - Help her name a female secondary character in her upcoming issue (#4) and you can win a mint condition, autographed copy of House of the Muses #3, as well as get your site promoted (and HotM has been getting lots of publicity lately, not bad to piggyback onto)- there's a picture of the character here! Also- Greek names only please- do your homework!

Off Hours also has a contest runing (and is coincidentally starting its epic second chapter) - they want your monsters… for the comic. Recognizable as your DD characters, but still monsters. Be creative- draw ‘em up and send ’em to offhours4 at gmail dot com. Be sure to check the rules! Off Hours is a long-running and popular community comic project- so be sure and take this chance to get involved!

On Saturday, rand_althor's A Step Out of Phase hit 200 episodes! He has marked the occasion with a special 200th-episode episode!

Arachnid Goddess by Chernobog has reached 125 pages!

BffSatan turned 1 year old nearly a week ago!

not_too_shabby tells me that The Bend has reached 175 pages- congrats!

On Tuesday, The Hub by Hyena H_ll will have "somehow stumbled its way to the 25 page mark, and is now updating at the staggering pace of two whole pages a day. Huzzah." She put that period at the end, not me, but I'll fix it for her- Huzzah!

Bearly Abel is out of hibernation and has hit the 50 page mark. On Wednesday, March 11th, starts a new Science Fiction-themed story arc.



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