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Good news: today is Friday, not Saturday!

skoolmunkee at 4:32PM, March 13, 2009

Just a bit of news today!

Round 6: Drasnus interviews Pastel of ELO and others!

…I'm happy to report that Skullbie, creator of the comic Plastic, is my winner.
I'll be sending out her autographed copy of House of the Muses #3 shortly, and I'll be glad to plug her as the winner as well as her comic Plastic in a footnote on the page of the first appearance of this character in House of the Muses #4.

Brother Zag has got a new gig writing a column (“Mike Luoma's Making it Up”) about his comic Panthea Obscura on the site Cosmic Book News! Congrats!
Brother Zag
Yup, believe it or not, they let me spout off about making my comic books! Good people and a good site, cover science fiction comics mostly. I'm writing the fifth installment of the column now.

Good news! Panthea Obscura is returning with all new pages starting this Saturday March 14th! Drunk Duck is the first place you can see the early pages. Print and Digital copies are not yet available, so the web comic here at Drunk Duck is the only place for now. This is the start of Issue Four (of four), 22 new pages, and the end of this miniseries.



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