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I forgot to do a newspost monday, I am a bad person :[

skoolmunkee at 6:44AM, May 5, 2009

Last Call reaches 75 pages today!

ifelldownthestairs says that I Fell Down the Stairs reaches 450 strips old on Wednesday!

Hitting 975 is The KAMics by KAM! Look for it on Wednesday too!

Better Luck Next Time by BLNTmaker reaches its 100th page this week! He adds: “I love being in the DD community! What a way to grow! All the best to you.” His profile says it's 150 pages, but maybe he's not counting 50 of them for some reason? Either way it sounds like a milestone. :]

SFrederick tells me that the “multi-colored rabble-rousers” of Gaylings have hit the 25 mark!

Arachnid Goddess by Chernobog has hit 150 pages!

A few days ago, Crossing Death reached its 200th strip, and BlkKnight has drawn a special triple-size page!

Euron's Slaying a Dragon has reached 25 pages!

WWE the Comic by Walrus has turned 150!



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