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MONDAY'S FEATURE -> Maggot Boy!!

Ozoneocean at 11:49PM, May 17, 2009


Chainey is dead… but he's also alive. He doesn't know why until he meets Maggot Boy, also known as Davey, and his friend Sam, a necromancer. Davey is an “Aware”, that's a zombie who can think, he works for chief Necromancer Lazaro, keeping the city safe from the mindless hordes who threaten it from the outside, keeping the normals safe… But they're not the only Awares in town and they're not all as nice as Davey.

Maggot Boy is drawn in a lovely hyper cartoony, almost Disney style by Flipsidered, who happens to live in the very same city as me funilly enough. Read Maggot Boy! Rated t+.



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