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Show me some news baby, awww yeah

skoolmunkee at 2:38AM, Nov. 12, 2009

Hey all! Quick ‘admin’ announcement - I'll be doing regular newsposts on Sunday afternoon and on Thursday morning from now on, instead of Monday and sometimes Wednesday mornings. I have to get up really early those days and get out the door and I don't even have time to do stuff on the computer. There may be other random newsposts during the week, but the regular news ones will be those two times now. OK!

I guess there is a Dallas Webcomics Expo this weekend! Saturday the 14th, to be exact, from 11am-6pm! Lots of DDers are going to be there, including Pythomas, Amanda, BetaJess, UsedBooks, JustNoPoint, deepcheese, and maybe others! Lots of big-name folks are coming as well. You should stop by!

Also, mafia signups! MAFIAAAAAA The Anime Convention!

For those not familiar with this game, I will be using Product Placement’s summary. Drunk Duck Mafia, features wholesome carnage, where its members play the roles of villagers in Townston, currently being under attack by an outside threat. In a standard game the threat takes the form of a sinister Mafia, but in this game the threat comes from a group of Science Fiction nerds who have infiltrated an anime convention. There are several veteran players who'd be willing to answer any questions you may have in regard to how the game works.

Eduds tells me that Blue Strawberry (my favorite drink flavor?) has reached 25 strips!

The Fighting Stranger by thefightingstranger has hit 50 pages! Woohoo!

On Friday of this week, JayFantastico and McFaydn's Louder Than Bombs hits the 50 comics milestone!

The Final Zone by Majin Kedamoki reaches a big ol' 150 pages today!

Hitting 175 pages is Faults by worstcase! Just thought you should know. :]

Gillespie tells me that Bacon Strips reaches 250 comics on Friday! Friday… the 13th?!
Friday….the 13th? What? Uh-oh. I wonder if I should do anything that day…..might mark the occasion with a comic! (as long as my computer doesn't crash, and have goblins spew out of it)



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