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You there, I see you. You're thinking, "I wish there was another newspost"

skoolmunkee at 3:02PM, Nov. 29, 2009

I feel like I might have accidentally deleted one or two PQs, so if you sent me news and I didn't post it, please resend it!

Wouldn't you like to sign up for Drunk Duck Secret Santa 2009? Only a couple days left to sign up!


Temple of a Thousand Tears turns 200 on Monday (November 30) with a pinup of Marielle by regular series artist Olivia Kasle. This teaser image will be for the next prequel story arc, “Assassin,” which will start late December. In the meantime, series creator Trevor Mueller is posting teasers and supplemental material to help catch new readers up to speed. Be sure to check it out!

Peipei's DeadFingers is now 350 pages! (Actually 360, but it was sent a bit late.) She says, “Thank you for the love and great support readers :D!”


We have three more interviews for you this week! Every one of these DD community interviews is interesting and worth reading- and it is AWESOME when people leave replies to them, because then people know you are reading! Here are some short teasers!

ERasER interviews Nako of Kintori, Cat in the Comp, and Half-Half!
4. What was your first comic?

Ever? Gosh, I can't really remember…but I think it was this comic about an immortal who tends to graves and a ghost who's a friend of his. The comic was supposed to be one big conversation, so it had lots of heads and dialogue. I stopped doing it. Its title was Amaranth.

Here in DrunkDuck, it's Half-Half. I still haven't decided if I would continue it or not.

theends interviews repoman of Endstone!
I was very surprised to learn that you were inking digitally, because your brush work has so much variation and life to it. What advice do you have for those who want to ink digitally?

I learned to ink with a brush first, but I don't know if that's really necessary. What matters is learning line variation and tone values. Every day as a warm up I used to copy an entire panel from one of my favorite artists like John Buscema on “Savage Sword of Conan” or David Mazzuccelli on “Batman Year One.” I just payed attention to how spotted blacks and line variation created depth within the panel borders. And one important thing I learned from the great Wally Wood: “When in doubt, black it out.”

repoman interviews theends of The Ends!
(13.) In contrast, is there any part of your comic you like best. Any characters or situations you like to draw?

I love, love, love drawing the Priest. He actually had a very minor part at first, but when I came up with the idea that he was obsessed with the bomb, even having a love affair with it, he started popping up all the time. This was a happy accident, because I think in a lot of ways, he's a stronger character than Jason, and embodies the theme of the story.

Other than that, I love drawing desolation: broken machines, ruined streets, and mutated creatures.



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