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Exhaustive Trials Prove Penguins Can't Fly, Ducks Can't Hold Liquor

skoolmunkee at 3:50AM, Oct. 1, 2009

First off, one of every ten commenters on Thursday's signifikat page will get a free copy of its first collected edition (which is also available on indyplanet). Specific rules will be posted in my page comment on that very page.

Secondly: Heroes Alliance, a spin-off/sequel to the dd-Award-winning Heroes Unite is looking for contributors! Artists and creators with their own superhero comics are preferred, but anyone with a healthy enthusiasm for superhero webcomics can participate. Information on how to be a part of it can be found in the forums.

Epic Q by WTHecksicle has reached 75 pages! Congrats! (And does u get any part in Q's epicness?)

Howdy! My silly super-hero comic, FantastiTeam has recently returned from a lengthy hiatus. In a fortunate bit of timing, it's also hitting 300 comics this week!

Crossoverlord (a big ol' crossover project among superhero comics, including several familiar faces like Neilsama of Dasien) crosses the 100 page mark on Saturday! They will also be adding Ben Carver to their collective as they cross the threshold!



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