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Attention Everyone, I Have A Balloon (No I Don't)

skoolmunkee at 11:05PM, Oct. 18, 2009

Sorry for no newspost on Saturday, I plumb forgot. : Please thanks!

Saturday, usedbooks's Geotology turned 1 year old! That is not very long in geologic terms but I think in webcomic ones that is not bad!

Knots by curlpop reached 50 pages on Sunday!

Hello to Drunk Duck!
Bacon Strips 225
Monday the 19th

On month October
Bring friends and comic readers
For very good time:
Go to that comic

And in other news
Come visit on Halloween
For real scare and laugh

Special comic soon
It's been in the works for years
Which means it is not

Worth missing because
It's been in the works for years
Thank you everyone!

-This was written by
Gillespie who wrote message
ok alright bye

Although it's not nearly as ummmmm poetic, elektro tells me that Negligence turns 175 today! He's also added some new prizes to his fan art contest! (I thought I told you guys to hurry up and submit something!)
UPDATE: I'm now offering two more prizes for the very best artwork: a first edition copy of the book Negligence Origins (signed, of course), plus a poster sized version of your artwork.

Stick Fodder turned 250 pages without stickfodder even noticing! But then it turned 251 and he noticed.

Elanor Pam's God of Destruction (sounds like a bad party guest huh) is now 200 pages old!

ifelldownthestairs sent me what I can only describe as a schpiel:

Guess what?

….what do you mean “what?”

Out of the sixteen some-odd thousand comics on this site, you're trying to tell me you can't be bothered with the day-to-day operations of my single one???

Well I never.

On Monday I will be posting I Fell Down the Stairs' 600th strip.

I felt the public should be made aware of this. So if you would be so kind, please aware them.

Thank you :D
Well, at least he said thank you, for my doing all that work I deserve one.

Lastly, gullas (of Bobby The Fetus) wants me to “guess who just reached page 250?” I don't know, you have to tell me!!!! >:[



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