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MONDAY FEATURE - Supernaturals Presents

skoolmunkee at 11:23PM, Sept. 20, 2009

If you like stories where the supernatural encroaches upon what we know as the normal world, and science fiction sneaks in and jumps out of corners, then Supernaturals Presents is for you. Bestial men, ruthless business, unlikeable villains (one with a monocole!), buxom villainesses, and a whole lot of nefarious schemes which (I believe) will all wrap up into one plot… things just get more astonishing (and delightful) as you go along. Really amazingly fantastic black and white art (we could all learn a thing or five), and the whole comic has a kind of pulpy noir feel although it's set in the 19th century, kind of like if 1940s detective comics writers decided to go steampunk. Don't miss it!

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