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New Police Chief Promises More Projects, Interviews and Milestones

skoolmunkee at 2:07AM, Sept. 24, 2009

JayFantastico would like to get a community project going- a sketch battle! He's posted some details in the forums so if fightin' and drawin' is your thing (or maybe even if it's not) you should have a look!

We've got another interview today, too! So get your patootie over to the forums and read Kristin Gudsnuk's interview of carolyn, from The Horribles and The People That Melt in the Rain!

8. Are these your first comics? What creative work were you doing prior to these comics?

I used to work for a studio that colored books for Marvel back in the 90's, but these are really my first comics that I've created. Mike has been working in comics for many years and has worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IPW, Image too many credits to name. I have written and illustrated 8 children's books, done work for kid's magazines like Highlights for Children, and Hopscotch, and numerous other places. I spent last year building sets and puppets for a theater group in South America, which was just a blast.
Mike's a professional artist and has been working in all areas of the business, including children's books, role playing games, even album covers (CDs).

On Friday, Hainted Hollar (by Hainted) reaches 50 strips! He adds that the forums are up and working and he's updating 5 times a week!

On Tuesday, Kali's and confusedsoul's Angels of Shadows turned 3 years old! They'd like to “thank our readers for sticking with us and putting up with our slow updates!” :]

Last of the Wilds by Hunchdebunch has reached 50 pages!

Also with 50 pages under its belt is Gaylings by SFrederick!

Akashik by spearcarrier has achieved 200 pages! Congrats!

elektro has a book out for Negligence! He didn't give me anything specific to say, but I'm sure he'd like it if people bought it, which you can do on!



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