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Look out behind you! Is that a NEWS?

skoolmunkee at 2:34PM, Aug. 4, 2010

Sorry everyone! I thought I made a newspost on Monday or something, but I am forgetful and apparently only made one on Saturday (after forgetting to post it on Friday). Oz also had to take care of the Help forum for me because I forgot to check that since the weekend too! This is what comes of having a staycation, your normal schedule gets all out of whack and you're still at home and it gets all weird.

Clearly next time I need a break I should take a holiday to an exotic locale, I will begin accepting donations shortly.

Without further ado, here is my backlog of news!

"The My Sister Saga“ Will end soon (About an issue and a half to go)After four years I might of missed a thing or two. So after issue 8 wraps I want to do a one-shot called ”My Sister: Toshi Ichi Spyter" That will answer any of the question you may have about the saga, or ploy points that seem wrong. If I get enough questions I will put it up about month after the Issue 8 Thanks.
(Emphasis mine, he is askng for reader questions so send some!)

Castle Pokemetroid
I've reached 25 comics with CVD Castlevania Destiny. It's only been a month and a few days since I started it, and already, I have more pages than the vast majority of sprite based web comics on drunk duck. Most sprite comics here die before they reach double didgets.

My sprite comic won't die until it reaches triple didgets or so.
Well it's good to know when you're going to die, isn't it? Almost like… destiny?!

On Tuesday, WWE The Comic by Walrus reached an impressive 325 pages! As a bonus, the comic is celebrating its 325th strip with a special stop motion video!

Engine by ttyler has reached page 175! I never know what to append so let me just say I like pancakes!

Negligence turned 300 pages on Friday! There will only be three comics after this one where the drawing is done traditionally, as comic 304 will debut the new digital style I started almost six months ago.

Also, forgot to mention this in June, but Negligence had its first anniversary on Drunk Duck (the comic itself is officially two years old if you count how long it's been online).

Finally, a new Negligence book will be published soon. More details will be available later on.

Barry Reviews Webcomics by Larry has recently reached the milestone of 25 pages! It's nice to see so many review webcomics lately. :]

Annie2495 has a comic named Stitches and it has reached 50 pages! She had nothing to add, and neither do I, but I still like pancakes!



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