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Tony Moore on Villain Land podcast tonight, New interview, Voices contest, and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 9:48AM, Dec. 3, 2010

Oh man, have I got a dumptruck full of news for you! I mean, I'm not saying that the news is garbage or anything. Just that there's a lot of it. THERE IS A LOT OF NEWS OKAY

I hope I got all this formatting right…

El Cid
"Walking Dead" artist Tony Moore will be doing a podcast with our very own Roy Duncan and Jay Bradley on their “Villain Land” program at Talk Shoe

The interview will be this Friday, December 3rd, at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time. For more info, go to the Villain Next Door page

The next thing to bring to your attention is another DD community interview! There's been a good amount of interest in these recently so I hope you guys keep that up! Today we've got Cheesecake for Every interviewing Harkovast! A preview:
There are obvious themes of racism and culture influences in your comic,was this something you planned from the start? or did it just happen?

I didn't set out especially to tell a story about those issues, but it is a topic that has always interested me so I think it just naturally came through in my work.
The racism themes run pretty deep in Harkovast, but it also extends to xenophobia and the way people view each others cultures. I think in our world racism based on country is now much more acceptable than racism based on someone's skin colour. For example, a joke about all black men being criminal would get shock and outrage, but jokes about (for example) all French people being cowards would be pretty acceptable. You can see jokes of that sort in children's films! No really, go watch Flushed Away…on second thought don't, that movie was crap.
I think that was the only pun! It's a pretty great interview with lots of interesting points.

AAAAAND, ayesinback's Name That Voice contest is hitting the final stage! All the recordings are in, and so you should follow the instructions in her post about how to listen to them. Before she announces the names of participants (so you can try guessing whose voice is whose), you can have a go at rating them as various “mosts” and “bests.” Like an anonymous popularity contest!

Also worthy of your attention is that stubblemonkey's weekly biography stripThe Adventures of the Reverend Doctor & Starr Amazing hit 25 strips yesterday, with a very special quite important ultra magical update!

I'd just like to announce that my manga TAG has happily reached it's second milestone of 50 pages! I'm absolutely ecstatic about it getting this far and for all of the support from everyone along the way. Cheers!
You go girl!

I just wanted to announce that Cowtoon will be having it's 275 page on Friday, or Monday or possibly even Wednesday of next week. Let's just say in the perceivable future Cowtoon will have 275 pages.
Okay! We can say that!
Also, in the perceivable future I will have a million dollars. I can perceive it, okay?!



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