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Aelwyn of Amya interviewed, contest stuff, publishing, milestones, and podcasts!

skoolmunkee at 10:02AM, Dec. 10, 2010

Let's get right to it, shall we? Time's a-wastin!

I have another DD member interview for your enjoyment! (So you'd better read it, because you can't enjoy it if you don't.) dueeast interviews Aelwyn, creator of Amya! Here's a preview:

5. Why a mute character (in Faye)? That's an interesting place to start from with a new character, especially in the opening dream sequence.

A: For the most part it was for the challenge. However, there is a little bit of myself injected into Faye in that regard. I have ‘Central Auditory Processing Disorder’, and when I was growing up everyone talked gibberish. I could not speak myself when I was little. I couldn't even say my own name until I was six years old. That being said, silence and the frustration that comes along with it is something I can relate to in a character.

As a third note; it is a key point to the plot. Though that won't make any sense at the current point in the story, it will within the next few chapters. The dream sequence as well, will be very relevant to the pending adventure.
Check out more interviews in the forums!

The Drunk Duck Name that Voice contest being run by ayesinback has entered the “send in your guesses for whose voice is who” stage! Don't worry, you get a list of people to match to- that doesn't make it a WHOLE lot easier though! I sent in my guess, but ayesinback won't anounce the answers until there's at least 30 guesses! It's pretty fun to hear people's voices- and some of them are surprisingly good singers! (There's even a Jimmy Stewart impression that made me laugh!)

HOLON has just reached 50 pages!

Also, Holon #1 is now available from indyplanet. It's a 36 page flip book including a “Tales from the Intergalactic Railway” sci-fi Western short story… for only $ 3,50 ^_^

After a long absense, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan has resumed updates on Drunk Duck, daily as before, and will reach its 800th update tomorrow, on December 9, 2010! 200 more to go before it hits 1000!

On Wednesday, the pop culture/politics/satire strip Row and Bee by Kilre reached 200 pages! Congrats!

ghostrunner's Grin ‘n’ Spirit is at a big 825 pages! The man's a machine! (With a thing for ghosts!)

Amazing news! My little daily sketch comic Sketchy has made it to 250 pages!

The world must knowwwwwwww! :o

Lastly, I know there has been a bunch of news this week- but if you have a few minutes, check out some of the DD Quackcasts done by me and ozoneocean, they're all under about 20 minutes I think. They've just been released and there's 6 of them queued up! And if you're feeling generous, you can leave us feedback in this thread! (And if you've been featured in the last 6-7 weeks, we probably talk about your comic in one of the podcasts!)



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