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skoolmunkee at 3:59PM, Dec. 12, 2010

Neeeeeeew DD member interview! I told you there were a lot of them coming! Today we've got a lovely one: Aelwyn interviews dueeast of Due East, Off Hours and others!

5. In Due East; you weave spiritual messages into the story very well. Was this a challenge, or did it come very organic to the script?

It was a combination of sometimes being a challenge while sometimes being organic to the script. As I mentioned, we’re very committed to the message but at the same time, certain elements of the story had to occasionally be dropped or rewritten to maintain either consistency in the message or believability.

My wife will tell me if she thinks something doesn’t work and how it might be better conveyed. I tend to be more full-speed-ahead and she’s more a big picture thinker, so it’s a good combination. We usually land somewhere in the middle, which makes for a good pace while still allowing for depth and development of story and characters.

Likewise, I definitely don’t want to leave out prayer. While we absolutely do not want to “bang anyone over the head” with the spiritual messages, we have to acknowledge the source of the spiritual messages and inspiration, which is God, Jesus and the Bible.
Don't forget to check out the interview I posted on Friday! dueeast interviews Aelwyn, of Amya!



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