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Comicraft fonts on sale Jan. 1 ONLY, Cintiq auction, milestones and stuff!

skoolmunkee at 2:56AM, Dec. 31, 2010

A quick message on behalf of JustNoPoint, who is in a tough spot right now- so tough he needs to sell his beloved 21 inch Cintiq! :[ I think something like that would break all of our digital-artist hearts. He has posted a thread up about it in the General forum with a link to the ebay auction (or you could buy it now), and he also has an incentive or two for any DrunkDuck buyer. :] So if you are in the market for one, check his auction out.

The comic font company Comicraft has a New Year's Day sale every year where all their fonts are priced according to the year- so each font will be $20.11 tomorrow! Some of these fonts are hundreds of bucks so if you want a font from them, tomorrow is the time.

Here's their announcement:

HOORAH! It's a New Year, and once again it will be your one-day-only opportunity to rummage through Comicraft's remainder bin and snap up Comicrazy for a mere twenty dollars and ten cents rather than $395! And, yes, yes, yes, and thrice YES, ALL of our fonts will be on sale for $20.11, even the ones that usually cost $19! We're THAT crazy!

Those of you who have enjoyed our sale in previous years know that it begins at midnight December 31st and ends midnight January 1st wherever you are in the world, so technically New Year's at Comicraft is a 36 hour day! Maybe longer, I didn't look it up or anything.
Here's their font catalogue

I've been told that their webpage doesn't display the sale prices, but I'm guessing that by the time things are in your cart or you're checking out you'll know if you got them on sale or not.

Harkovast the comic is (a bit over) two years old! READ HARKOVAST!

Tamerlane's Get Up & Go has reached a big ol' 300 pages!

And at 25 pages is the review-comic Why Does Everyone Hate My Guts by Nergal!

Funday Morning by Braddiller has reached 50 pages!

I Am The 1337 Master hit 100 pages on the 23rd with I Am!



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