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I guess the site wasn't frozen, meanwhile, here's some more news!

skoolmunkee at 11:30AM, Jan. 10, 2010

I forgot to announce this one on Wednesday, I'm sorry carolyn! :[

The Horribles (a featured comic) by carolyn reached 50 pages on Wednesday! Congrats!

OK! More news!

I'm not sure when the site freeze will happen, apparently it wasn't over the weekend (Plat warned that it might be, but the site was running normally). I'm guessing it might be next weekend, since they want to do it soon, but I'll be sure and post an announcement once we know for sure. :]

The Pen is Mightier is a community project moderated by JayFantastico, and involves contestants sketch-battling it out! They need one more contestant, so if you fancy the idea of drawing battles (humor/style counts more than art/polish) and having other DDers vote for their favorites- you should join! They also always need readers to stop by and vote for the battles, so if the project sounds interesting even if you don't want to do any battling- you can still participate!

MAFIA SIGNUPS!!! (I don't know what iteration they're on this time!)

GarBonzo Bean
If you’ve never played before then I invite you to join! It seems complicated at first, but don’t worry because everyone usually gets the hang of it after their first game. The game starts with you randomly getting a role, and with that role you get certain abilities that you can do to try and eliminate an opposing team. Every day and night I will put up a narration based on the PQ’s that were sent to me. My game takes place on Mount Olympus.

There will be no townies in my mafia version, everyone has a special role.
My game is Greek Mythology themed!
Have you ever wanted to feel….
Here is your chance!
In my game I will have no townies, epic narrations, new roles, and a never before seen storyline! I don’t see a reason NOT to vote for this game!

On Friday, Gillespie's Bacon Strips hit the 300 mark!

Canadian Gamers by jninjashadow has its 1 year anniversary today!

Aleks55's Important Business has reached 300 “gloriously horrible” pages!

Monday marks the 100th strip of The Symmetrical Breadpazoid by Anthony Mercer! He challenges you with “the President doesn't want you to celebrate!”

Pink Lady translated by mamaya94 is coming to an end after the next episode. There are a few special updates after that, but the main storyline is nearly over!



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