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Wednesday's news on a Friday! It's like breakfast for dinner!

skoolmunkee at 1:34PM, Jan. 15, 2010

I'm sorry this wasn't posted Wednesday like it should have been- I was out of town for work and didn't get it done in time. Please forgive me! And check out these comics!

Eduds's Life and (Maybe) Death of Ed is 375 pages and 3 years old! He's also decided to revamp the comic in a new style!

Gibson Twist
Dropping a note to let you know that Pictures of You Redux is hitting 25 pages on Jan 12, 2010. This is a relaunch of Pictures of You in full colour that'll be updating every day for the next couple years. Where this is a republishing of a comic that already exists, albeit in another form and with a new url, I didn't know if you'd consider it milestone-worthy, but I thought I'd send a quick word to you anyway and let you decide.

On Friday, Curtis Lawson's Grindhouse by BSP_Curt (who also makes the recently-featured Divis Morte) reached 25 pages!

Sunset Grill by katfeete hit 200 updates on Thursday!

Androoo's comic Good Guy just reached its 200th page milestone!

3D Glasses had its 25th update on Thursday!

As of January 13th, Insects Corp. by raven37 has reached its 50 page milestone!

I wasn't even paying attention and wouldn't you know it, STICKFODDER hit 300 pages.



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