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Please report any problems in the Help forum!

skoolmunkee at 3:09PM, Jan. 27, 2010

I said it in my earlier newspost but it seems some people haven't read it. :]

Here is a link to the forum: Help! How do I…?

Platinum, myself and Ozoneocean are all about 8 hours apart- so if we keep any reports in the forum (rather than PQing it to an admin):

1. You're more likely to receive a timely response (and probably a more timely fix too)

2. The information can be coordinated so there's not a lot of individual back-and-forth going on or giving of multiple/wrong answers

3. We avoid multiple ‘independent’ reportings to try and follow up on

4. We can see more easily how many/who have reported something

5. When the issue is solved, the info is there for everyone to see




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