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Drunk Duck Awards 2010, signifikat ending, milestones, and more!

skoolmunkee at 3:25AM, July 5, 2010

The Drunk Duck Awards are upon us once again!

Before JustNoPoint and the Awards crew can decide any winners or hand out any e-trophies, YOU, the community, must NOMINATE!

Head to the DD Awards 2010 page to find the nomination form. There are lots of categories, so it may be that just about every DD comic you read could be nominated somehow. You don't even have to do the whole thing at once- you can submit some, come back later, and do more!

Nominations at the DD Awards 2010!

Don't miss some of the announcements from last week:
Wowio wants your video and promotional content for San Diego Comic-con!
and Please don't auto-redirect your Drunk Duck comic to another site! (tell us if you read a comic that does)

Abt_Nihil's signifikat is going to end next week after being his main weekly webcomic for about 3 years. (We featured it pretty early on, too!) So, to celebrate the ending, he's going to upload pages daily until the end of next week. Lovely comic Abt, I hope you keep bringin' the good stuff! :]

Kids With Gas Eat Free (by popvoxmusic) has reached 75 pages of “idiosyncratic art and nonsense!” Kudos my good fellow!

Rain27 tells me that Insanity Untamed has reached 100 pages! Rain27 adds, “It took me three years but I finally did it… *happy dance*” And I don't know about any of you guys, but whenever I see “happy dance” the only thing I think of is Snoopy's dance.



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