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Community project to help comic-makers improve, GAAK published, and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 2:56PM, July 7, 2010

Be sure to check out the other recent newsposts, there's been a lot of stuff in them lately!

Hey! You know what you need? A community project! This one's run by Salsa and jninjashadow, and they need submissions from YOU! (Yes, you!)

jninjashadow explains it:
BUG- Bad Ugly Good

Entrants submit a comic based upon the month's theme to myself or Salsa. The current theme is "How to Start a Web Comic". We take the submissions, and we post them first with the bad ways to go with the theme (lets say their start has no relevant information, or its supposed to be a drama that starts with a series of puns)then we follow up with proper examples.

It is all in the name of education mind you, we aren't doing this for the purpose of ranking people's skills (there is a button for that after all). These examples people submit are going to help newer artists learn what and how to do a comic, or at least that's the intention.

We ask that everyone goes ahead and submits something, regardless of your skill level. We need good and bad examples for this to work. It's in the name of progress after all, plus you may learn something or get a chance to practice with a theme/ situation you don't normally encounter with a comic (last thing anyone wants is to come across a serious scene with no experience in making one). People can submit pages from their comic, or make new ones exclusively for B.U.G., their choice. All we ask is that the Drunk Duck populations at least considers a submission. Submission thread in the forums!

Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton, the creative team behind "GAAK“, have just signed a deal with independent small press book pubisher First Run Publishing to collect and pubish ”GAAK“ as a complete graphic novel.

”GAAK" will be published by First Run Publishing and out in bookstores on september 20th.

Louder Than Bombs by JayFantastico and McFaydn has reached 100 pages (a little while ago actually), so well done guys!

Genejoke's Malefic hits 75 pages today, “not bad as I only started making it in April, and recently returned from a three week or so hiatus.” Not bad indeed!



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