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THURSDAY'S FEATURE --> Fate Running Wild

Ozoneocean at 8:30AM, June 10, 2010

Ryse, a young cleric, has her boring world suddenly enlivened by the arrival of Selyne, a quixotic, well dressed Vampire, who immediately drags her off on a quest of her own… where they happen to meet the dark and fiery (literally) Ashveira. The adventure is just beginning.

A full colour fantasy comic, Fate Running Wild is a collaborative effort created by the joint efforts of four lovely and talented women: Ashveira, Ryse, Selyne and Mara!. Read Fate Running Wild, Rated E

And don't forget Skool's great post about the mafia game and TD high and all that! Check that again, ok?!!!
Skool's news post
Also, remember to send next week's news stuff and milestones to me. Skool will be away next week.

Also, DD has changed hands. From Plat to Wowio ^_^




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