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I'm a Sunday night rock star, hellllooooo drunkduck

skoolmunkee at 3:20PM, June 20, 2010

OK- I am back from my work trip! So it's OK to send news to me again. I won't be going anywhere until Christmas, I hope- I'm really tired of travelling. Sure, it sounds nice to take day, overnight, or longer trips to places- but it gets old pretty fast. Also uhhhhh it means I miss out on super fun stuff like posting DD news!

This is a little unusual for a newspost, but it's different than something like a call for guest comics, so we'll see how this works out. :] We need to get more things back in the news besides milestones!

allright. i'm really trying to get things together so i can go catch megadeth when they hit town in a month or two. i'd love to get a vip package if i can manage it!

anyways, character commissions, full color,simple background, 5 dollars a pop! 7 for 2 characters, 2 dollars for each additional character. themed pictures are accepted!

my gallery is here

any other offers will be considered as well!

please, help a droogy out!!!
if interested, please send me a pq with something like “commission” in the title

Morning Squirtz will be appearing in Hustler for the 4th time in July. We forgot to have you guys announce the last 2 appearances but the appearances also featured fellow Drunk Duck alums Corey Dye from Raw Fish (who made it into 2 issues)and James Dyar from Grin N Spirit. We also have a new book out that can be ordered from our drunk duck site. We also now appear 3 times weekly on Fok Europes largest website (turns out the Dutch love adult humor)

The Only Half Saga reaches its 250th page June 23rd! And for this milestone, I'm giving the presents to you! There is a catch though! I'm holding a contest beginning the 24th! Check out page 250 for details on the contest and the prize!

Aleks55's Important Business has reached over 425 “tolerable” pages! And we know there is nothing people hate more than intolerable pages, they hang out too long at parties and always have something to complain about.

Love Curse by Wordweaver_three has “FINALLY” turned 50 pages as of June 16th! Finally is better than never, I always say.

I have received a message from beyond the grave from ghostrunner: “gns 725 this week.” I am pretty sure this is some sort of invoice for provisions, that is to say, a weekly order for 725 bottles of grain neutral spirit. Unfortunately 190-proof alcohol is illegal so instead I will just announce that Grin ‘n’ Spirit is 725 pages this week!



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